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Our shelter and programs are designed to change the trajectory of our suvivor’s lives. We set them up to have an independent and supported future.

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Preventing re-connection with Abusers

Most victims end up back in the cycle of abuse because they lack security, resources, and a support system. Security at the shelter creates a safe environment; while our programs ensure you can get on your feet and stay there.

There are so many victims that feel alone. A typical abuser’s trick is to isolate their victim. We shower our survivors with love, a shared experience, to let them know there are better days ahead.

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Life Skills

We help our survivors start over. This means learning a variety of life skills to ensure success.

Our programs include training on problem-solving, breaking bad habits, as well as the basics such as financial literacy and parenting courses. At the end of our training, they are equipped with life skills that can carry them into the next chapter of life.

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Mental Care

Part of our intake process is to be seen and evaluated by mental health care professional. They are on call to be able to help you evaluate the situation and provide support during the most pivotal time in your life. On going therapy is also a requirement while housed in the nest. 

We require any children in the nest to be seen by our therapist. We often forget they are going through the trauma too. We give them a voice and help them rationalize things in a way to get them on the path to healing. 

A Plan

The therapist creates a plan for survivors to be able to address their traumas with proper support.


Each participant learns their triggers, coping mechanisms, and walk away with renewed confidence.

" When you address the violence, it is important to address the mind. Victims play their actions over and over in their heads. We must intervene to stop the cycle.
Paul Tejada
Licensed Therapist
Job Placement

Financial independence is crucial to a survivor of domestic abuse. One of the ways abusers control their victims is with money. Being the one in control of the money, or in some cases the only source of income. They leverage this to create fear and make their victim feel as if they cannot survive without them. We are helping create that long term independence.

Our program helps assess and maximize your skills in the employment landscape. We also provide access to upskilling and training programs. The goal of this service is to have each survivor have a stable financial plan and way to fund their new life.

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Get Involved

Volunteer to Be a Mentor

Join a team of strong willed survivors and thrivers. These women need all the support they can get. Volunteer for our support hotline, or to teach a lifeskills workshop. Make a difference in our nest.


Virtual Mentorship Meetings


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Help our survivors learn new life skills


Offer jobs or trade skills apprenticeships

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