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On Jan 20, 2000, a earth-shattering experience would shape the life of the founder. Her mother would die from 9 gunshot wounds delivered by her stepfather. She went from being Mom’s first baby to orphaned overnight. When something that traumatic happens to a child it manifests in a variety of ways. Hannah she went through stages of guilt and shame that would lead to unsavory behavior. Some of that behavior would lead to dating older men as a teen and acting out that resulted in juvenile court appearances. Everyone knew her story, but no one took the time to know her soul. Without the nurturing of her mom, she missed crucial formative lessons. Unable to cope with her behavior her grandfather signed his rights away sending her to foster care. A swirl of emotion, abandonment, and rage lead to a suicide attempt.

She had to center herself and take on the task of healing herself. Those feelings of guilt, loss, and insecurity creep in every so often but it is a great support system that grounds her. She married her true love and has 3 beautiful girls. She is determined to show them strengths, how to avoid being a victim, and that anything is possible. In 2019 after trying a series of careers Hannah graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in psychology. Her first course of action was to bring to life Net’s Nest to help heal the mothers and children survivors of domestic violence.

"I wish I had a place of refuge growing up. I want Net's Nest to be the support system that saves women from the fate my mom met"
Hannah Parham Humphrey

Our Way

services & Programs

Designed to heal the whole family.


Empower victims to leave and stay independent


We provide an alternative living program that is more like a home than a shelter


We provide legal, financial, and psychological services.

Long-term Planning

We prepare you for the next phase of your life financially, emotionally, and with a support system.

vision for the future

about our philosophy

We are committed to providing a space and programs that set survivor’s up for long term success. 

Most victims return to their victimizer because of lack of support and infrastructure to succeed. That is where Net’s Nest changes the outcome.



The mission of Net’s Nest Shelter is to be a voice for victims and survivors. We are striving to change the way society sees the culture of domestic violence, through advocacy, education and resources we are moving towards a zero tolerance standard for domestic violence.


We hope to establish second and third locations in the city to accommodate more programs to include children and males. 


We are committed to education of the youth about domestic violence. Today technology has made it to spot red flags. 

Know the signs

Domestic Violence Effects Every Culture

Be apart of the change you want to see in the world.

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