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Net's Nest Shelter

A domestic violence resource center that is aimed towards long term change and impact.

The hardest part is walking away. However, the struggle to not go back begins at that same moment. We want to create an environment that supports long-term success.


The mission of Net’s Nest Shelter is to serve as a voice for victims and survivors of domestic violence. We are striving to foster change, and society perception on the culture of domestic violence, through advocacy, education and the facilitation of resources.

Net’s Nest Shelter has a goal to be instrumental in moving the world to a zero-tolerance standard for domestic violence.


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Net’s Nest Shelter vision is to create a safe, healthy environment where relationships, families, and communities thrive; and to help victims regain their voices and survivors to keep their voices.


We are committed to providing a program that equips our members with the educational and financial resources they need. This is in addition to ensuring our program is instrumental in helping to repair, rebuild, and inspire our members mentally and emotionally. 

We want our Nesters to understand they deserve a domestic violence free life and that our program prides itself on aiming to maintain a 0% rate of return to their abusers. 

Our Research

Why We Need To Help

Domestic Violence

Every minute 24 women experience physical abuse by a significant other. 7% of cases end in permanent harm or death.

Domestic Violence

32% of documented abuse victims return to their Abuser at least once after leaving but some of them do not get a chance to ever leave again.


3 in 10 abuse victims said they feared the situations at shelters more than the abuse in their homes.


We want to create a clean, welcoming, and safe environment so that the stigma of shelters are changed.

Creating Futures

27% of domestic violence survivors have kids that witness the abuse or are abused as well. This creates generational trauma

Here's How

We are a full service agency we help the adults and the children. By focusing on the whole family we can affect long term change.
Be apart of the Change

we Need Volunteers

We are looking for life skill teachers. Are you an expert in your field and love to share the knowledge with our survivors? Fill out the form below!

Building our Nest

Our Goal

We are building Net’s Nest Shelter piece by piece. We need your help to make this a safe place for all!

Shelter Costs
15,000 5%
Let's Talk About It Program
Safe Haven Rescues
Support Group Meeting


Providing temporary shelter to abuse victims and their children. A safe place for family to stay together. 

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Life Skills

We offer therapy and life skill classes to ensure they have the tools in life to not fall victim again. 

apartment building


Our doors are always open but they are temporary. After 90 days we aid our survivors in finding permanent residences. 

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Job Placement

We encourage financial freedom. Each survivor goes through resume building and job placement services.  

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